The Hong Kong Radio Control Soaring Society

History of HKRCSS

R/C soaring in Hong Kong has a long history, it was possibly started in the early 70s. Now (2001), the estimated number of active r/c soaring pilots in Hong Kong is well over three hundred and the sport is getting more and more popular. On a good windy day during weekend, you can often see over thirty sailplanes simultaneously flying patterns, performing aerobatics or chasing each others within a crowded airspace. R/C frequency allocation is always a problem, midair collisions and accidents are common. There were scattered groups of pilots or individuals with various kinds of interest, however, they rarely communicated or shared their experience. Basically, there were no organized competitions. Cowboy flyers without taking the regards of safety of other pilots and onlookers were everywhere, they were not only as thread to people in this sport but also to the existence of the sport itself. Newcomers were scared off. Increasingly, the situation became unbearable to many faithful pilots who have followed the rules. Discussions among fellow pilots about the safety issues and the possibilities of organizing competitions have spontaneously started on May 2001. The outcome was: we need a r/c soaring club!


The Hong Kong Radio Control Soaring Society (HKRCSS) formally came into existence when a group of r/c pilots gathered in Clearwater Bay Country Club on 30 June 2001 to approve the Constitution of HKRCSS. There were 35 founding members with r/c soaring experience from one year to over twenty years. Our founding Chairman is Nick Chan who is better known as Master Leung. The foundation meeting defined the goals and laid down the management structure of the Society. HKRCSS is registered as a non-profit organization under the Societies Ordinance of Hong Kong SAR Government.


The founding members at the meeting for the formation of HKRCSS. Please see the photos of our enthusiastic pilots taken in the dinner gathering after the foundation meeting