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Hong Kong F3F League 2024, Match 4 - April 7, 2024

The fourth race of League 2024 was held at the south facing slope of Cheung Ngau Shan. Like the other southerly slopes in Hong Kong, the wind usually comes late. When we got there at nine there was no wind. After some waitings the wind finally became strong enough to fly. Kin test flew with his Tempest. Condition seemed good and the competition started at about nine forty-five.
Throughout the day the wind was not very stable, and sometimes the direction was off too much that the competition had to be interrupted. There were two serious accidents that made Kin and Ben (Lee Chun Man) quited the game. In the second round after Kin finished the legs, the wind dropped too much and he could not get back to the landing height, eventually crash-landed his Tempest at the mid of the slope. In the tenth round Ben stalled his Freestyler 5 in a turn and crashed. His Freestyler 5 has an emergency fix up after the tail boom cracked during the landing in the previous round. Not sure if this is the cause of the crash but this marked his last round of the game.
Six pilots joined the competition. At about two o'clock it started to rain and the CD announced the end of the competition after fourteen rounds were completed. The champion is Stanley Chan, followed by CM Cheng and Wing Wong. The fastest time made is 41.02 seconds by Stanley Chan. Congratuations to all the winners!

Reported by: CM Cheng

Results download: 20240407 CNS.xlsx

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Photos by Wing Wong and CM Cheng:

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