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Hong Kong F3F League 2023, Match 8 - August 6, 2023




Reported by: Leung Chi Sang

The eighth match was held in the South facing slope of Cheung Ngau Shan. Weather forecast was good but it turned out that the wind was not as strong as we had expected. There were several times the competition was interrupted as the wind was off to the west, and a heavy rain before the competition delayed the start time to 11:30 too. Despite of the not-so-ideal condition, we have thirteen competitors joined which is the most after the pandemic. Among them one is our old good friend Ah Kin who was active in F3F but had left for over ten years. There were so many changes in F3F, would he bring some models of the ancient time? 😂
The wind was about 3 to 6m/s and sometimes deviated for more than 45 degrees to the west. This is reflected on the large difference between the scores of each round. While "thermal lottery" is sure a part of the game, flying skill and competition strategy are still the major factors that make some stand out from the others. Probably the best example is that Sunny won the competition again, followed by Stanley and Ben. Congratulations to all the winners! Total seven rounds were completed, and the competition ended at 4:30pm.

Champion: Sunny Tse
1st runner-up: Stanley Chan
2nd runner-up: Lee Chun Man, Ben
Fastest time: Philip Leung (44.50sec)

Results download: 20230806 CNS.xlsx

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Photos by Wing Wong and CM Cheng:

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