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Hong Kong F3F League 2023, Match 7 - July 9, 2023

The south facing slope of Cheung Ngau Shan is a mix of love and hate. While we enjoy the all-day-long southerly and jellyfish free air space, walking up to the peak overloaded with equipment and water supply under the summer sunlight without any shading is really not an average hiking. Nevertheless, with the loss of the Kin Ma Leng flying site, we are thankful for the finding of this slope. The seventh match of the league 2023 was the second time we held a competition there.
When we reached the slope, however, the wind was off to the west. Some pilots tested the adjacent south-west facing slope when we were waiting. That slope seems promising, but experience tells that when the wind builds up later it will be back to the right direction. As expected, the competition finally started at about 11:30am after the wind turning back to the south facing slope.
Cheung Ngau Shan is an inland slope that thermal infurence is always a part of the game. On the other hand, the wind on this slope is quite consistent and so the times are usually not too bad. 10 pilots joint the competition and a total of 10 rounds were completed. Ben is probably the most hard working pilot among us that we always see him practicing despite what the weather or slope it is. His dedication to F3F finally pays off. In addition to being the first runner-up, Ben also took the chance of a good thermal in round 2 and set the fastest time of the day! Flying calm and make no mistake, and after winning the third on this slope in match 5, Sunny once again proved his strategy by finishing with the highest score. The second runner-up came to Wing who has been doing well in almost every competitions. Congratulations to all the winners, and hats off to all who join the competition in this hot summer time.

Champion: Sunny Tse
First runner-up: Lee Chun Man, Ben
Second runner-up: Wing Wong
Fastest time: Lee Chun Man, Ben (42.32sec)

自從堅媽嶺被封路,我們失去了唯一一個汽車能直達的F3F場地,由於在堅媽嶺山腳泊車並不方便,故一直都有在找替代的斜坡。這個掌牛山南風位就是我們夏天新的比賽場地了,今次第七場比賽是第二次在這斜坡舉行的聯賽賽事,這個斜坡風力穩定,也沒有遊人和滑翔傘干擾, 是一個適合比賽的場地,不過在烈日下全副裝備爬上這個全程沒有樹陰的山坡,實在有點辛苦!
今次比賽共有10位賽員參加,一共賽了10回合。文仔可算是我們當中最爛飛的一個,不論幾惡劣的天氣和幾凶險的山坡也見他在練習,機會是留給有準備的人的,他今次一舉奪得第二名和最速男的稱號,勁!Sunny貫徹他的"中庸之道"策略,上次在這斜坡得第三,今次第一,可喜可賀! 第三名是阿Wing,他近年成績突飛猛進,已是頒獎台的常客了!恭喜各優勝者,還有向各位在炎夏高溫也積極參與的賽員致敬。


Reported by: CM Cheng

Results download: 20230709 CNS.xlsx

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