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Hong Kong F3F League 2023, Match 6 - June 4, 2023

比賽當日天公造美,風况7~8~6m/s,11人大戰18回合大長途,Stanley 全程領放,中段一路領先到底奪冠,2-5名大混戰全程一兩秒之差,Philip後上衝刺得亞軍,Wing Wong 得第三並在第八回合以38.99秒奪取速男!

Reported by: Leung Chi Sang

Fine weather and good wind throughout the day, the sixth match of 2023 was a race of endurance. 11 peoples completed an astonishing 18 rounds on the Ma On Shan flying site. One of the reasons was the strong wind in the morning keeping the jellyfish grounded. CD also decided that landings must be done out of the track which greatly reduced the waiting time. Stanley the Invincible Easterly once again didn't disappoint us on his home slope. He was on the top of the score board most of the time and won the Champion title by a big margin. The competition for the 2nd to the 5th places was tense. Although the result was not very impressive in the first half of the competition, Philip was then flying better and better and gradually moved up to the second place in the 17th round, the position that Wing had occupied for many rounds. Wing dropped to the 3rd place, but successfully kept the fastest time of 38.99 seconds that he made in the 8th round to the end. Congratuations to all the winners!

Results download: 20230604 MOS.xlsx

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Photos by Wing Wong, CM Cheng, and Leung Chi Sang:

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