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Hong Kong F3F League 2023, Match 5 - May 21, 2023

5月賽事因風况不佳而廷至21日舉行,早上8時半,各賽員集合於大樹下東路,今次賽事的地點為掌牛山南風位,此為初次舉辦比賽的地點,於泊車點步行到山上約半小時行程,到達山上便安裝儀器,直早上十時十五分比賽正式開始,亞Wing開始及早著先機,由第一回合直領到底, 由於此為南風場,東風不敗Stanley未能得到甜頭,比亞Wing壓著只得第二名,Sunny保持一貫作風,保持中庸得第三及有免費茶餐,而亞華亦得到風神眷顧,創出此場地新紀錄40.32秒,得到速男美譽,賽事共進行了十個回合,直至下午四時十五分完成,各人懷著疲倦身軀下山回家休息。

Reported by: Sunny Tse

Due to the unfavorable weather, the fifth competition of 2023 was postponed to the 21st of May. The flying site was the south facing slope of Cheung Ngau Shan, which is the first time a competition held there. We gathered at the parking location and started walking up to the slope at 8:30am. It took about half an hour to get there. After setting up the equipment, the competition started at 10:15am. Ah Wing won the first round and continued to lead the competition to the last round. Stanley, aka "the Invincible Easterly”, got the second place on this south facing slope. Keeping calm and flying smoothly as usual, Sunny was the third on the list of the final score and won a free afternoon tea (?). Ah Wa took the chance of a good thermal and made the fastest time of the day. As this is the slope's first official competition, Ah Wa’s 40.32 sec becomes the slope record too. The competition ended at 4:15pm and a total of 10 rounds were completed. Exhausted but joyful, we started the long trip back home.

Results download: 20230521 CNS.xlsx

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Photos by Wing Wong, CM Cheng, and Leung Chi Sang:

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