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香港F3F聯賽2021第3戰 - 2021年3月7日


速男:Sunny (55.02秒)


Angus Lee報導

Today, Po Tai O Tin Ha Shan blew a easterly wind for 6 to 8 m/s, but there was a little rain that affected the setting of the site. The race officially started at 10:40 in the morning.
A total of 13 pilots participated in the race, including Marcus who participated for the first time.
Darren took the lead in the first round, winning by 55.77s. In the second round, Sunny flew 55.02s, slightly faster than Wing's 55.20s, and was also the fastest time in this game.
In the third round, Darren won the round again with 56.20s, and the fourth round was won by Angus with 55.64s. The fifth wind turned north, the wind speed had begun to drop below 3 meters,
and the race could not be continued. The race was completed at about 2 pm.

Champion: Darren
Runner-up: Wing
Third place: Sunny
Fastest Speed: Sunny (55.02s)

Congratulations to the winners and welcome new pilot!

Reported by Angus Lee

比賽成績下載: 20210307 PTO.xlsx
Results download: 20210307 PTO.xlsx

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Ranking chart(click to enlarge)

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