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Hong Kong F3F League 2021 Match 1 - January 3, 2021

The first contest for the year 2021 was held in Po Toi O northeast slope. Wind speed varied between 2 to 4 m/s and wind direction was initially from the north and then gradually changed to east. The contest was started at 9:40am with Ah Wa first to fly. The wind was rather weak and off normal to the north, so some pilots struggled to stay afloat and the times were mostly in the seventies. Stanley won the first round with a 62.41s. The wind improved a bit in the second round, Donny took the opportunity to get a fast 53.30s and won this round. In the third round, the wind occasionally shifted a bit to the east, pilots needed to adjust and adapt to this change. Wing adapted and made a quick run of 62.49s to win this round. The wind continued to shift to the east in round four. Ah Choeng managed to make a good run of 60.91 to win this round. Everybody applaused to his effort as this is his first 1000 point win for all the contests he has participated so far. In the fifth round, wind was steadily coming from the east, therefore, without relocating the track, the wind was off normal to the right hand side by about 20 degree, the wind speed was still ok in the first half of fifth round but gradually deteriorated in the second half. Ah Wah took this opportunity and got a really fast run of 51.95s to win this round, this is indeed the fastest time of the day. Wind continued to deteriorate in round six, many pilots got to refly as wind speed was below limit during run. Finally, the wind dropped all together just with two pilots left to complete round six. So the contest was called off at 14:30 after 30 minutes wait and the scores in round six were dropped. Only five rounds were counted to decide the ranking. The winners are

Champion: Ah Wing
1st runner-up: Stanley
2nd runner-up: Philips
Best speed: Ah Wah

Congratulations to the winners.

Reported by: Stanley Chan

Download results:20210103 PTO.xlsx

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Photos provided by Au Chi Fai:

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