HKRCSS The Hong Kong Radio Control Soaring Society

計 劃活動


有關斜坡速度賽(F3F、MoM等)的議題和活動,請參考:F3F, MoMF3F 斜坡速度賽組之資料
有關熱氣流滑翔(F3B、F3J、F3K等)的議題和活動,請參考:F3B 和 熱氣流滑翔


Planned Activities
Dear fellow pilots,

HKRCSS regularly organizes vast varities of activity for members and non-members. Details are announced in the forum of

For activities and topics about social gatherings, public affairs and club management, please refer to General topics.
For activities and topics about EPP, please refer to EPP.
For activities and topics about slope racing (F3F, MoM etc.), please refer to F3F, MoM and F3F Slope Racing Interest Group.
For activities and topics about thermal soaring (F3B, F3J, F3K etc.), please refer to F3B and Thermal.
For activities and topics about scale soaring, please refer to Scale.
Please also see our Facebook page for the latest updates, photos and sharing of the activities

定 期舉辦之活動

Regular Activities