The Hong Kong Radio Control Soaring Society

Statement Regarding the Recent OFTA Incident
Date: 26 July, 2004

HKRCSS held a committee meeting on 25, July 2004 to have a lengthy discussion on the recent OFTA incident. We regret that the incident has happened and the two r/c pilots were arrested to face with potential prosecution. We are pleased to learn that the two accuses will be provided with free legal assistance to deal with this ordeal. However, OFTA’s move to crackdown on illegal use of r/c frequencies has a profound effect among the local r/c communities and we are deeply concerned about this. HKRCSS, as an organization representing a large number of r/c glider pilots, always encourages r/c modelers to use legal frequencies, and, in this regard, would write to OFTA immediately to express regret on the incidence. We would state particularly our concern on the proliferation of illegal r/c equipment, which is mainly due to insufficient number of legal r/c frequencies available. We urge OFTA to drop the charge against the two r/c pilots and open more frequency channels for remote-controlled modeling