The Hong Kong Radio Control Soaring Society

How to apply for a radio-controlled license for flying model aircraft

The Office of Telecommunication Authority (OFTA) of Hong Kong Government has recently allocated a total of 18 channels for radio controlled aircraft, of which 8 channels are in 35MHz band, 4 channels are in 40MHz band and 6 channels are in 72MHz band.. Their frequencies are:

35MHz band
35.150, 35.160, 35.170, 35.180, 35.190, 35.200, 35.210 and 35.220 MHz

40MHz band
40.665, 40.675, 40.685 and 40.695 MHz

72MHz band
72.010, 72.130, 72.170, 72.190, 72.210 and 72.270MHz

From 8 April 2005 onward, there is no need to apply for a license to operate these frequencies. Please see a letter from OFTA for details.