Camping and Soaring Trip to Tapmun (Grass Is.)
31 January - 1 February, 2009


The Hong Kong Radio Control Soaring Society organized a camping and soaring trip to Tapmun (Grass Island) on 31 January to 1 February, 2009. A total of 7 r/c pilots and their guests joined the trip to this beautiful island which is located in the northeast coast of Hong Kong. Originally, they planned to arrive at the island early in the Saturday morning, however, for some reasons, some of the pilots were only be free in the afternoon, so they joined the main group later. Stanley was also interested in joining the informal F3F contest in Ma On Shan on Saturday morning, so he himself came late in the afternoon. Anyway, they were finally able to erect their tents and had some slope soaring before sun set. The temperature was relatively warm compared to few days before. Steven and Ah So have brought a full set of cooking utensil, so they cooked a very delicious hot-pot dinner for us. The sky was so clear that we can watch the stars after dark. Y.C. took many night photos with his professional camera. We had a new member, Steve Barton, first time joining us for our organized camping trip. He brought two gliders with him and had a wonderful time flying his gliders all day on Sunday. There were a small rain at midnight which didn't disturb us at all as we had well-protected tents. We went out to the pier for fishing at night after having a full dinner, but the water was so calm that no fish was interested in our bail. On Sunday, some of us got up early in the morning and went out to the shore to fish, but again they were disappointed. There were lot of visitors coming to the island on Sunday, many of them were so amazed when they walked pass and watched our gliders soaring majestically along the slope edge. After getting tire of aerobatic flying and having a full lunch, they took a rest and then started packing up at 3:30pm. They took the return boat to Wong Shek pier at 4:30pm. The trip ended at Pak Tam Chung at about 5:10pm. What's a wonderful camping and soaring trip! Be there again definitely!


Tapmun is a tranquil island with a small fishing village. It is situated in northeast coast of Hong Kong

Steven has done his hard work to erect the tents

This is Stanley's home for a while

Ah So is happy to have his own house

Y.C. was so happy to finish erecting his small tent

This slope is facing southeast and is wonderful for soaring

Steve Barton, our new member, was enjoying slope soaring in this beautiful island

Steven enjoyed relax flying his Beevolution in this wonderful setting

What are you doing, Ah So? "This is the only one catch I have the whole morning fishing, so sorry, it is my delicious dim sum now"

Mrs. So enjoyed her own way of relax camping while others are slope soaring

Stanley was relaxing after hours of aerobatic slope soaring

On the boat for return trip

Click to watch a movie for landing a Shooting Star here

Click to watch a movie for a touch and go flying

Click to watch a movie for aerobatic of Beevolution

Click to watch a movie for aerobatic of Shooting Star