Boat Cruise and Slope Soaring Trip to Pak Lap Wan
29, August 2004


The Hong Kong Radio Control Soaring Society organized a boat cruise and slope soaring trip to Pak Lap Wan, Sai Kung on Sunday 29 August 2004. This event attracted a total of 27 participants of which 11 are members and 16 are guests including many children. The weather was cloudy with occasionally rain, sometimes the rain were heavy. With the wind coming from the south and occasionally rain, we didn't expect to have a chance to slope soaring around Pak Lap Wan. We departed Sai Kung Town Pier at 9:40am after a near cancellation attempt due to heavy rainfall early in the morning. Anyway, we were undeterred. The weather god was co-operative somehow after we departed and there were fine intervals during the day. We arrived at Pak Lap Wan at 10:30am but soon found out that the sea water was in dark colour, possibly due to heavy rainfall hours ago, so it is not quite suitable for swimming. The waves were too big also for the pleasant passengers on board.. We then decided to move to a small beach on the other side of the peninsula. We had hours of real good fun on the beach. In the afternoon, the wind was getting stronger and the waves were too big for us to swim in the beach so we decided to move on to a new location in the inlet bay in the Sai Kung Sea and continued to have good FUN with water sports. What's a pity we can't fly our gliders in a HKRCSS's organized event, but it is just a wonderful day!

A beautiful pleasure boat to carry 40+ passengers but only a few passengers today

Hi, you all enjoy and relax on the way to Pak Lap Wan

It is certainly spacious inside a big boat like this.

Master Leung are you so hungry? You always be the first one to eat!

This is the east-facing in Pak Lap Wan. It is definitely a wonderful place for slope soaring, but today the wind is coming from the south, what's a pity!

Is it Pak Lap Wan? No, unfortunately, the water quality in Pak Lap Wan was not that good after week of heavy rain. With strong southerly wind there were also big waves that is not quite nice to the swimmers like us! So we moved to a nearby beach on the other side of the peninsula.

Due to the rain, we can not fly our model gliders - but we have another game of fun - a r/c racing boat!

R/C sailing on this remote beach is good fun. We have hours of swimming in this beautiful beach also.

What happen? The r/c boat was captured by a monster!

Oh! The mast of the boat was damaged due to strong wind, Tsz Ming is the volunteer to rescue the boat.

It's time for real good fun. Stanley and Master Leung were performing the "dance" in the water. We know they always "dance" with their gliders on the slope. How come they love to do this also in the water!

Ah So "It is real good fun for my wife"

Wow! Stephen you had no slope for spider climbing this year, so you must be a bit upset (see the story about the last year hero). Wait! You have been putting on weight with a big belly now. Wonder that you never need to recover your sailplanes down the slope since, so you have no exercise to keep fit!

Stanley, how old are you? Still playing with the kids' toy gun!

Ha! Ha! Shooting around with the water gun

Eric worked hard to please the two passengers - "I have to do it, you know!"

Uncle Shing "you must be kidding - why you waste your energy to carry the over weighted Master Leung?" 

See! sure you were so tire afterward!

What happen Master Leung, you look so painful. Told you that you shouldn't jump into the water because there were very strong current after the storm.

Keep going, SWIM! SWIM! don't give up and you will be saved.

Lots of exercise! The rescuers were there in time.

Oh! Relax after the hard work

It is the show time - see a movie for Olympic diving by Master Leung!!!!

Oooh!!!! Zero score for the dive.
The first penalty mark is: too much show time while everybody is waiting for the dive

The second penalty is: it is unsafe to dive at the time when there is swimmer nearby!

The last penalty for the dive is:
the legs are wide open on entry and there are too much water splash.
In addition, the jump is nearly flip over on entry into the water.
See a slow motion playback. ZERO SCORE!