Boat Cruise and Slope Soaring Trip to Tai Long Wan
17, August 2003


The Hong Kong Radio Control Soaring Society organized a boat cruise and slope soaring trip to Tai Long Wan, Sai Kung on Sunday 17 August 2003. This event attracted a total of 45 participants of which 11 are members and 34 are guests including many children. The weather was generally fine with moderate easterly wind. We were told that big waves on the rough sea along the coast of east Sai Kung Country Park may be too hazard for pleasure boat and the children on board may get seasick on the way, so instead we decided to go to a nearby island which has a small beautiful beach, and less (or more) importantly there is also a small east-facing slope on the other side of the island for which we can slope-soar our gliders. We arrived there at 10:30am and have two hours of fun on the beach. After having an enjoyable lunch on the boat, some r/c pilots decided to explore the east-facing slope on the other side of the island. An initial attempt to fly on the lower part of the slope ended up in disaster. A modified EPP Bee belong to Eric was force-landed on the rocky shore below the cliff. The recovery seems impossible and we were giving up. However, due to the strong mind of a volunteer who decided to take the challenge via a sea route. A boat was rent and the dangerous mission started by landing him on the rocky shore. After a difficult climb, the plane was rescued and the mission was successfully accomplished. Cheers! We then moved up to a higher slope nearby and found out that the lift there was just wonderful for slope soaring. After an hour of fun fly on this beautiful spot, we were more than satisfied. What a wonderful day!

A beautiful pleasure boat to carry 40+ passengers

Enjoy and relax on the way

Wow! Y.C. are you sure to launch your plane while we are still on the way? Although there are wind while the boat is traveling in full speed, I can't see there is any lift!

Many pleasure boats are anchored in this small island which has a small sandy beach

The remote beach is also packed with many holiday swimmers 

Have some good food after the swim

No need to be hurry, there is plenty of food

Is Ah Kam putting on diet? Not sure, but in contrast Master Leung is certainly putting on weight

Ah So and his beloveds in enjoying the food and boat cruise

An initial attempt to soar along this slope edge on the east side of the island ended up in a failure

The plane was force-landed on the rocky shore and the only access for recovery is by sea

So a call for an volunteer to rescue the plane was made and a boat was rent for the dangerous mission

Who dare to face the dangerous mission? Well, he seems fit although is a bit overweight

So lets getting on with the business

Wow! Believe it or not, he moves faster than the Spider Man!

Target on sight

With the plane in hand and the way down

Back to the boat and mission accomplished faultlessly

Who is the hero? Oh! Stephen, you are booked for the next recovery mission!

After the initial failure, we found a better slope and the soarers were all happy with it

The scenery of the surrounding is so beautiful and the lift this small slope generated is just wonderful

A group photo for us to remember