Soaring and Factory Visit Trip to Zhu Hai
16-17, November 2002


The Hong Kong Radio Control Soaring Society organized a soaring and factory visit trip to Zhu Hai, China on 16-17, November 2002. Twelve members took part in the trip. The trip gave members a chance to see how model planes are manufactured in the factory and to exchange ideas with r/c modelers in the mainland. Here is the detailed report about the trip:

Day One
The trip started at the Hong Kong Shun Tak Ferry Terminal on Saturday afternoon. The boat ride to Jiu Zhou Port in Zhu Hai took one hour and fifteen minutes. We arrived at a large grassy park  in Zhu Hai and met some fellows r/c aircraft modelers there. We had two hours of fun fly using a bungee cord and electric planes there. Then, we visited Green r/c Model Company which OEM manufactures power-aircraft as well as motor gliders for some famous brands. Mr. Lee, the boss of Green Model, is a very friendly guy who explained in detail each step in producing a handcrafts model plane. We are impressed by the high standard of craftsmanship of their workers. We then invited Mr. Lee to have dinner with us and discussed further on possible exchange visits

Day Two
After having breakfast in hotel, we took an hour bus ride to Radar Company in the west part of Zhu Hai to see a F3A pattern competition for power aircrafts. The competition was sponsored by Radar and attracted pilots from Hong Kong, Macau as well as China. We also met a few friends there and have fruitful exchanges of ideas in pattern flying. Then, we moved on to fly our slope gliders in a man-made slope, actually the dam of a water reservoir, on our way back to Zhu Hai city. Although the wind direction was 20 to 30 degrees tilted to normal direction, we did manage to have a few hours of fun up there. Locals were amazed how a model glider without power can stay airborne for such a long duration of time, particularly the local kids were so excited about our present there. We had a late quick lunch in the city center and then backed to flying again in a park near where Green Model Factory is. Mr. Lee showed us their team of pattern flyers and some beautifully decorated models from their company. We have a lot of interesting exchanges of model planes and flying demonstrations were given. We left the scene at about 5:30pm for the ferry back home and safely arrived at Hong Kong ferry terminal at 7:30pm. What's a wonderful and memorable trip!

Members are impressed for the craftsmanship of the factory workers in Green Model. The one holding a red cap is in center-left of the photo is Mr. Lee, the boss of Green Model

Launch a Shooting Star using the bungee cord. Attempt was made to launch by the cord and to soar over the edge of a small hill slope nearby to remain airborne

See the faces of our fellow soarers, they are really happy to have such a big grass field for flying which is definitely not available in Hong Kong

Wow, what happen! An attempt to fly across the river was fail. Hi, Mak, how was the smell down there?

The factory building of Radar Company. Radar is better known as World Model in China

A China/Hong Kong/Macau F3A competition was in progress. We met a few power-aircraft friends there.

Let's take a group photo before we left Radar Co.

Back to our favorable hobby - slope soaring. Is it nice to have a man-made slope like this for us?

It's wonderful to fly on a man-made slope - a dam of a water reservoir

MiniCorado showed off its skill in exploring the uncharted airspace

This slope is long and straight and should be well suitable for racing

The local kids are so energetic in picking up the planes for us. Well, are we old enough to forget the meaning of "exploitation"?

Group photo before leaving the slope

Lunch time discussion

Powerful handlaunch in the park. It is interesting to be able to soar along the tree top

Group photo in the ferry terminal before leaving for Hong Kong. What's a wonderful trip!