HKRCSS 香港遙控滑翔飛行協會
BBQ and a Day of Soaring in Ma On Shan
October 14, 2001

A wonderful day with favorable wind that we can't really ask for more!

On Sunday October 14, 2001, our club has organized a day of soaring and BBQ in Ma On Shan. More than 40 pilots some with their families have gathered on the Ma On Shan plateau (410m) which has a beautiful east-facing slope overlooking the coastal Sai Kung area. The group departed from Ma On Shan village and started the ascend at 10am. The trip took only half and hour on a pretty easy mountain trail. The wind was normal to the slope with speed of 15 knot - a very good condition for our soaring gliders. EPP combat planes, PSS, 60" composite racers and many big scale gliders with wingspan over 4m were seen occupying the vast airspace, chasing each other, making the otherwise quite peaceful mountain top a buzzy racing ground. Apart from two minor casualties due to midair collision and bad maneuver, all planes landed safely and backed home. After a day of real good fun, the club's committee members started the descend earlier at 4:30 pm in order to prepare the BBQ and to hold the Committee meeting in the BBQ ground near the village. Other pilots joined later at 6:30pm. Good BBQ food and beer with friendly conversations marked the success of this wonderful event. Cheers!

See more photos taken during this event:

A group photo before the departure from the BBQ ground.

Pick up our toys and ready for the walk up.

Mr. So and his families are so happy with their arsenal.

Chester, you look so professional!
Thank you for your help to carry our sailplanes.

Near the top - still have plenty of energies!

We all have a single goal: to reach the flying slope.

The most difficult ascend has completed, now the easy path.

Reach the slope and get our planes ready.

Not a flying Donald Duck, Ming Fai! We mean sailplanes.

Family members are helping, well done.

Master Fai's big Foker attracts some followers.

Herman, take your time, no need to hurry!

Ok, all set and take a group photo before the launch.

More pilots are joining in for the photo.

Fu and Hung show off their secret weapons.

Master Leung is helping to launch the big DG600.

Good wind and off we go.

They are so concentrating on their targets.

Good counseling for our only female pilot in the group.

More pilots are joining for occupying the airspace.

The happy guys.

Oh! Master Leung, sorry for you being the first casualty.

Willy, are you CD in control?

You know what Master Leung and Ming Fai are talking about?

After a day of soaring, now the time to enjoy good food.

Keep some for the photographer, please!

Chung, you must be very hungry then - using two hands?

Have a good beer. Cheers!

Relax, take your time!

Keep the fire burning and finish the stuff.