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Scale Gliders F3F and Photography contest - September 2, 2012

CM Cheng's report:

HKRCSS organized an interesting event for Scale glider enthusiasts on the 2nd of September in 2012. It is an F3F contest for scale gliders. The rules of the game is basically the same as F3F - to fly 10 legs of 100m, shortest time win. The model requirements are changed: It must be a scale model of real gliders. However, limitations on size, weight and parts detached during flight (water ballast, example) are cancelled. Being a competition for scale gliders, the accuracy and details of a model, and the pilot's flying skill to demonstrate the flying characteristics of the real are also part of the scoring scheme.

Moderate easterly, blue sky and white cloud, can't ask for more for a scale gathering! The game started at 11:00am and there were 7 pilots joined. CD was K.Y. Mak. The venue was the old flying site of Ma On Shan. Ma On Shan is one of the favourite flying site among scale pilots because of its open air space, beautiful scene and the large landing area.

The scale models in the contest included:

CM Cheng - Salto H101 (4m)
Albert Wong - Salto H101 (2.6m)
Johnson Yeung - Ventus 2C
Billy Chau - Ventus 2C
Allan Yeung - ASK21
Lai Kwong Leung - ASH26
KY Mak - SZD55

The first section was the scale scoring. It inculded 2 parts - static and flying. Static scoring based on the scale accuracy, finishing and the detailing of the models. Flying scoring includes 3 mandatory maneuvers and one chosen maneuver. Please see the detail scoring scheme here.

Scale modeling is not a popular subject in Hong Kong and not many people are doing it seriously. The best we can see in the competition was adding a pilot in the empty cockpit. Models with good finishing and appearence became the key to get the score.

The result of scale soaring was:

The second section was slope racing based on the F3F rules. Obviously not many people had been thinking of putting their scale sailplanes into a race. Without any dedicated design and set up for speed flying, the bigger-faster rule dominated! CM's 4m Salto won the speed game without effort, while Allan's little and lovely ASK21 was the last! On the other hand, Mak's SZD55 was getting better and better when the wind dropped in the last few rounds, and even got a 1000 marks in the last round. So look out for Mak's SZD55 when the wind is weak!

The final result of the F3F section was:

(Click to enlarge)

The game continues! First time in HKRCSS activities, there was also a photography contest! The contest was open to the public. Subject must be the scale models in the competition.

The winners are:

Champion: KY Mak
1st runner up: Allan Yeung
2nd runner up: Albert Wong and Lai Kwong Leung

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Fly Fly Hobby Mfg and HKRCSS for sponsoring the prizes of the activity.

More on scale sailplane discussion forum.

Photography contest entries:

Albert : 同一天空下

Allan Yeung : 像真的童真

CM Cheng : 評頭品足

Johnson Yeung

KY Mak : 光輝一刻

Lai Kwong Leung

Good day and beautiful models!

Competition briefing by KY Mak.

Allan was introducing us his mini ASK21. His model is a kit that needed to build up piece by piece. Very nice!

Albert's 2.6m Salto. His model had a bad servo so he spent most of the time in reparing his model!

The pilot in CM Cheng's big 4m Salto.

Billy and his Ventus 2C.

Lai Kwong Leung and his ASH26.

Ah Pong was preparing Mak's SZD55 for an F3F run.

The prize and certificates were presented by Ah Pong's son!
The pize of the Champion is a 2.6m Swift sponsored by Fly Fly hobby.
Scale result: (From the left) 1st runner up : KY Mak, 2nd runner up : CM Cheng, Champion : Johnson Yeung
F3F result: (From the left) 1st runner up : KY Mak, Champion : CM Cheng, 2nd runner up : Johnson Yeung

The Champion of photography contest is KY Mak (left).
The prize is a Windrider Birdie sponsored by HKRCSS.

Thanks Allan Yeung for the movies:

CM Cheng's 4m Salto flew the scale routine.

CM Cheng's 4m Salto on a F3F run.