Scale Fun Fly Contest and BBQ Night
4, December 2005


A scale fun fly contest was held in Lun Ha Wan north-facing slope in Sai Kung on Sunday, 4 December 2005. This is the first time such a scale contest was organized by The Hong Kong Radio Control Soaring Society. Lun Ha Wan is a newly discovered slope that was proved to be capable of providing good lift for all kinds of gliders. Interestingly, although we have many scale glider pilots on spot with their beloved scale gliders ready, only three pilots decided to join the contest! They are Ah Sang, Ah Mak and Stanley! Ah Sang is famous for his big scale gliders and is well-positioned to grab the title of the champion - possibly this is the reason why so many pilots are afraid to challenge him and decided not to participate, even our famous scale master C.M. has decided to quit at the last moment,,  this is not true - he got sick after spending hours in searching for his downed plane in Ma On Shan a day before! Anyway, Ah Mak should be honored as the most courageous pilot because his contesting glider is Scorpion which is not even classified as a scale! "May be the real one will exist in the future", said Mak. OK, let him participate! The judging team consists of seven volunteers who rated the contesting pilots and their gliders according to two major categories; static outlooks on ground and cruising beauty on fly. A score sheet is attached here for reference. Ah Sang did very well on all categories. Although Ah Mak's glider received low scores on the static part, he did exceptional well on landing. Stanley was just average with a few disappointing stall turns. After the show times by the three contesting pilots, the results are summed among the 7 judges. Here is the ranking list:

Pilot Glider Judge 1 Judge 2 Judge 3 Judge 4 Judge 5 Judge 6 Judge 7 Total
Ah Sang Ka6E 8.5 8.0 8.15 7.95 6.55 4.0 7.4 50.850
Stanley B4 6.95 7.15 8.25 7.75 6.15 3.875 7.4 47.525
K.Y. Mak Scorpion 5.35 6.8 6.1 6.6 5.9 3.625 5.5 39.875

The champion, Ah Sang, will receive a sponsored prize of a realistic looking Windrider's Airliner. Thanks Tsz Ming of Windrider Aviation Ltd. for his generosity.

A BBQ was also organized for the r/c soarers and their families. The venue is in Lun Ha Wan BBQ ground. The children were particularly happy because they have wonderful times on the hill as well as on the beach. Thank you all for the wives who took care of all of the energetic kids. Good food and friendly conversation mark the success of a wonderful event, cheers and see you next year!


Ah Sang is famous for his desire for big scale planes, so he definitely would not miss this scale event

His contesting plane is Ka6E. He gave a detailed account on the construction of the plane

Ah Mak is proud of his "SCALE" glider, Scorpion ... you are cheating it is not a scale glider in strict sense

You see I have spent a lot of efforts in modeling the pilots named snoopy dog

Stanley's contesting plane is B4, but not much details were given

However, it is well-known that B4 is Swiss made glider - you see the red cross!

Some of the spectators are also our judges

Ka6E looks good on ground but also flies very well on all scoring items

Scorpion on an approach to land - Mak gained a lot of applauses on landing - well done!

B4 on a landing approach - well it's just ok!

Ah So is busy with the scores and the children are interested also

See a movie for launching a Ka6E gracefully in Lun Ha Wan

See another movie of Ka6E for performing low pass and stall turn

See a movie of Ka6E on a dive

Wow! Is it a scale plane? No! This is a chicken ... wo... you are warned of H5N1! See a movie how this Fun Key Chicken flew

This is not a scale! But this Sting really flew beautifully that worth mentioning. See a movie yuorself.

Thanks Mrs. Mak for taking care of the children and preparing for the fire

Kids, you are hungry!

A famous couple in r/c soaring arena. Ah Pong, how would you manage to gain supports all the times from Wife 1.0?

Hello guys, we missed you so much in these days

C.M., you suppose to be our contest director today, but... we've yet to see your secret weapon

Lee Man talks about combat in a scale event

Well, Mr. and Mrs. So, thanks for your hard work to take care of all of us. Enjoy the food!

They are our future fighters - not so sure they will love to be fighter pilots also