The Hong Kong Radio Control Soaring Society

Committee Members, 2001

From left to right: Willy Lim, Chester Tai, Nick Chan, Stanley Chan


Chairman Nick Chan (Master Leung)
Vice Chairman Chester Tai
Treasurer Willy Lim
Secretary Stanley Chan
Publicity Chair Wong Ming Fai
Competition Chair Au Chi Fai
Technical Chair Cheung Wan Kin
Training Chair Paul Wong
Social Function Chair Oliver Lee
Interest Group Rep. (Thermal) Paul Wong
Committee Member Ip Chi Shing
Committee Member Leung Wing Wun
Committee Member Lo Po Chung
Committee Member Stephen Chan
Committee Member Andy Lee
Committee Member Choi Yiu Keung
Committee Member Lou Tsz Ming

Advisors, 2001
Advisor John Chan
Advisor Robert Yan
Advisor Chan Kwok Wai
Advisor Ricky Ng