The Hong Kong Radio Control Soaring Society

Training Day

Every weekend there are lot of visitors stop by Clearwater Bay and watch a number of powerless gliders soaring over their head. They may wonder how these majestic gliders actually fly and how we can control them with ease. Once they have an idea from us, many of them have an impulse to learn glider flying. But after they leave the scene, they might not have confident to start the hobby themselves. In order to promote the sport of r/c model glider flying, our club organizes a free flying training day in every first Sunday of a month. The aim is to provide free training for new comers attracted by the excitement of powerless soaring but not so sure what should be invested on buying the first model of his own. This training can provide them with the necessary skill to start the sport and to have sufficient knowledge to continue his endeavor. Starting from July 2006, the training is scheduled on the afternoon from 2:00pm to 6:00pm on each first Sunday of a month. Since glider flying is weather dependent, the place for training is weather-dependent too. It will be arranged according to the following rules. Please check the weather report from Tate's weather station prior to come for the training.

Wind Direction Place of Training
Easterly Clearwater Bay
Northeasterly Clearwater Bay
Southerly Fei Ngo Shan
Southwesterly Fei Ngo Shan
Westerly Fei Ngo Shan
Southeasterly Cancelled
Northerly Cancelled
Northeasterly Cancelled
No wind, foggy, rain Cancelled


Clear Water Bay is located on the east coast of Sai Kung. It takes about 40 minutes to drive there from Kowloon. It can also be accessed by public transportation. KMB has a bus route No.91 running from Choi Hung MTR station to Clear Water Bay Beach in 20 minutes interval. From the bus station, you can walk up to the flying site along the road leading to Po Toi O. It takes about 5 minutes to walk up there.

Fei Ngo Shan is a mountain range overlooking Kowloon peninsula, Shatin and Sai Kung. The site is famous for its spectacular night views of Kowloon peninsula and Victoria harbor. Access to this site is by private vehicles only; although you may like to take a taxi to go up there, you will find it difficult to get down without a car ride. To drive there from Kowloon and west NT, you need to take Lung Cheung Road and turn left to Clearwater Bay Road at Choi Hung junction. If you are from north NT and Shatin, you may take Tale Cairn Tunnel and turn left to Choi Hung at the first exit. Remember! you should take the Old Clearwater Bay road leading to Sai Kung direction, i.e., the road that is without a big circular turn. You need to turn left to Fei Ngo Shan Road right after leaving Choi Hung. Fei Ngo Shan Road is an one-way drive. You should drive all the way up to the top. Be careful of the hikers who share the road with you.