The Hong Kong Radio Control Soaring Society

Flying Skill Assessment Exercises

In order to promote the sport of r/c soaring to the young people in Hong Kong, HKRCSS develops an achievement scheme to award certificates to people who have accomplished a certain level of flying skill. There will be three levels of achievements in r/c soaring from the basic level for beginners to the advanced level for the instructors. We also encourage our members who already acquired advanced flying skill to be trained as instructors so that they can help on providing qualified training to younger members. On the way to develop such a scheme, we need to formally award certificates to members who has achieved the status by passing an assessment examination. Since the number of requests for flying skill assessment is generally small, formal assessment day will not be scheduled. Instead, individual r/c pilot who wants to obtain a certificate needs to make appointment with HKRCSS training office to run a flying skill assessment test. The assessment is based on UK's BMFA class B certification for which the candidate must successfully carry out the following flying test:

  1. Carry out pre-flight checks.
  2. Launch the model, gain height and complete one horizontal circuit (either left or right hand) in front of the pilot.
  3. Fly a horizontal figure eight with the crossover point in front of the pilot
  4. Fly two consecutive loops across wind.
  5. Fly crosswind left to right and complete a stall turn away from the slope.
  6. Fly crosswind right to left and complete a stall turn away from the slope.
  7. Complete 10 seconds straight and level inverted flight across wind.
  8. Perform one axial roll across wind, either from the left or right.
  9. Perform one axial roll across wind in the opposite direction to (h), rotating in the opposite direction to (h).
  10. Perform a three turn spin with exit in the same direction as the entry.
  11. Fly a left hand rectangular landing approach and overshoot.
  12. Fly a right hand rectangular landing approach and overshoot.
  13. Fly a rectangular landing approach either left or right hand and land within 15 metres of a pre-determined spot.
  14. Remove model from landing area.
  15. Complete post-flight.

For the details of the requirements, please refer to BMFA web site.

Previously held flying skill assessment exercises:

March 15, 2020
April 7, 2019
December 27, 2015
November 3, 2013
April 23, 2006

Members who have passed the flying skill assessment examination:

2020 March
Member number Name
249 Chan K H

2016 June / July
Member number Name
263 Ng W L

2015 December
Member number Name
192 Chan T K
247 Hsu W T
248 Chan S W
253 Leung P C
257 Ng Y W

2013 November
Member number Name
13 Leung W S
79 Ho K W
111 Cheung P S
194 Lam M K
198 Leung F S
203 Chan S Y
205 Lai K L
206 Leung C S
218 Tse D S
222 Ng Y K
230 Ng K S
243 Chan P K
255 Lai W T

2006 August
Member number Name
80 Choi W P
182 Ko T K

2006 April
Member number Name
32 Chan P L
34 Chan C F
43 Lou T M
53 Heung F L
54 Mak K Y
57 So K Y
76 Ma C M
95 Wong P W
99 Cheung Y C
106 Ma S L
107 Ma S M
122 Chan F L
134 Tso Y T
159 Tong K W
167 Li S M
168 Kong K M