Ma On Shan F3F Slope Race and BBQ Night
19 December, 2004

A F3F competition was held in Ma On Shan east-facing slope on Sunday, 19 December 2004. The weather was fine but the wind was marginal with average speed around 9km/hr.  The fluctuating wind has a profound effect on the result of the race. Some pilots have 15km of wind when launched, but the wind can occasionally drop to 4 km during the run!  Totally, 15 pilots participated in the race which was started at 10:30pm. A round zero was run to allow pilots to get familiar with the slope and wind condition. Due to the unfavour wind condition at the middle of Round 3, the race was finally called off at 3:15pm, and it was decided that the race will be re-scheduled two or three weeks later. The main propulsion to call off the race was due to spectacular ride by Ah Wai in searching for the thermal 2 kilometer out from the slope. Ah Wai was helping C.M. to sheer his Brisk III to re-gain height after it was loosing attitude and was hopelessly sinking after the run.  Everybody was scared as most of us do not have good eye sight to control a sailplane 2km away!  It was a really wonderful experience and we sure we will have a winner if there is a cross country event! Although the race was called off early, we have a wonderful BBQ at night in the Ma On Shan country park BBQ ground. Here are the detailed scores for the two rounds achieved:

Plane Total Score Position Round 0 Times Round 1 Times Score 1 Round 2 Times Score 2
Chan Kwok Wai New Sting 1629.24 7 99.03 103.48 680.90 67.75 948.34
Angus Lee Demo/RaceM 1557.50 8 115.58 82.79 851.07 90.95 706.43
Cheung Kam Lam Korba 1226.47 15 97.92 118.38 595.20 101.78 631.26
Stephen Chan MiniCorado         0.00   0.00
Cheung Wan Kin NYX F3F 1861.26 2 109.82 70.46 1000.00 74.60 861.26
Ho Kwok Wai NYX F3F 1548.01 9 80.27 83.13 847.59 91.73 700.43
Ah Sang Sting 1699.30 4 96.10 81.88 860.53 76.60 838.77
Ah Wing Destiny 1374.93 14 107.48 109.09 645.89 88.13 729.04
C.M. Cheng Brisk III 1416.55 13 80.13 114.47 615.53 80.21 801.02
Au Chi Fai NYX F3F 1474.53 12 96.51 104.71 672.91 80.15 801.62
Mak Kai Yeung New Sting 1696.60 5 89.21 96.83 727.67 66.31 968.93
So Kwok Ying Sting 1641.90 6 95.89 107.93 652.83 64.96 989.07
Stanley Chan Sting 1908.81 1 91.06 77.53 908.81 64.25 1000.00
Y.C. Lui Elita 1802.70 3 101.21 85.60 823.13 65.59 979.57
Eric Wong Sting 1525.35 10 70.69 89.25 789.47 87.31 735.88
Heung Fok Lok Joker 1505.36 11 80.72 83.01 848.81 97.86 656.55


Mak is ready to launch Angus' Demo

HKRCSS has built an electronic timing system that automatic the scoring process.

Three beautiful medals are ready

Mak launches his New Sting by himself

Ah Kam is getting some problems in setting up his Korba

Look like a VR2004 veteran

Stanley is busy with the score entry

The judges in Base B

Stephen is in charge of the race

Ah Wai is helping Ah Sang, who is from Taiwan, to launch his Sting

Eric, are you disappointing with your run?

Sting has a very good performance in light lift

Ah Wing is confident in his first time F3F race

Destiny is heading towards base A

Stanley is helping to remind Ah Kam for the number of leg he has finished

Kam's Korba is heading toward base A

Angus is the proud owner of this RaceM, the one and only one now lives in Hong Kong

RaceM is certainly one of the top F3F ships

NYX F3F on a speed track towards base B

RaceM on a landing approach

Ah Kam, push harder! Your Korba can run faster

Have a group photo after the race, Cheers!