F3F Slope Race and BBQ
3 November, 2002

A F3F slope was originally scheduled to be held in Ma On Shan east-facing slope. However, due to the unfavour wind direction, i.e., northerly wind, the race was relocated to Clearwater Bay north-facing slope. There were 13 pilots participating in the race. The race was started at 12:00pm and ended at 4:00pm. Four rounds of the race were completed. The best time is 55.38s by Jacky Lo who also won the race, congratulation! HKRCSS also organized a BBQ right after the race. Again, for the convenient of most pilots, the BBQ venue was relocated from Ma On Shan BBQ ground to Pak Tam Chung in Sai Kung. Totally 25 participants took part in the BBQ for a night of friendly exchanges about the F3F race and other soaring and non-soaring related subjects, cheers! Here are the scores:

Name Score Model Best time (sec)
Jacky Lo 2862 Miraj 55.38
Big Lo 2849 Shooting Star 60.03
Cheong 2782 Shooting Star 60.88
Stanley Chan 2766 Sting 57.13
K.Y. Mak 2669 Shooting Star 62.16
Master Leung 2636 Sting/Shooting Star 61.47
Cheung Wan Kin 2471 Sirius 68.00
Ip Chi Shing 2372 Shooting Star 69.09
Au Chi Fai 2361 Shooting Star 72.00
Alex Lip 2316 Minij 68.06
Lo Po Chung 2297 Shooting Star 67.94
Fu 2265 Minij 69.41
Alex So 1408 Shooting Star 74.84

Fat Fai is on the run. Come on give me more lift!

Respected Sir! Base A is inside a jungle of tall grass!

Miraj is pushing the air through after turn in Base B

Shooting Star is proved to be a fast racing machine!

Sting is speeding towards base B

Minij on a dive before passing Base A

Enjoy the good food after a day of  speedy race

Hi guys, talking about the race results or .....