Slope Combat Contest and BBQ Night
2 December, 2007

After the first slope combat in June, the second slope combat contest for the year 2007 was successfully held in Clearwater Bay flying site on Sunday 2 December 2007.  A total of 20 pilots joined the contest and there were many spectators and visitors to watch the contest with lot of applauses. The competitors were split into two groups; each group has 10 pilots. Two stages of contest were conducted. There were two rounds in the first stage, the top five pilots from each group will then be selected to enter the final stage which also had two rounds of contest. The total scores from the two rounds in the final stage will be used to determine the winners.  

The wind of the day was moderate easterly in the morning, but gradually died down to virtually zero in the afternoon. The contest was started at about12:15pm. By the time at 3:00pm after the first round in the final stage was completed, the wind died down completely and, after a 30 minute wait, the contest was called off, and the scores from the first round in the final stage were used to determine the winners.

The Champion who took the title of the most merciful killer is Ken28. He has been a serious killer for sometimes and is working towards the goal of being an invincible killer. Next on the line is the well known plane killer, Lee Man, who is the third time winner of second prizes in previous contests! The third place went to Fat Cat and Uncle Chan who got the same score and decided to shake hand and share the prize themselves. Each winner has both a beautiful trophy and a cash prize, yes! a cash prize sponsored by Windrider R.S.B. Aviation Co. Ltd. Thanks the boss of Windrider, Mr. Lou Tsz Ming, for his generosity. The cash prizes for the champion, 1st runner-up, and 2nd runner-up are  $750, $500 and $250, respectively. Finally, the booby prize went to Ah Kuen who definitely looks like a mountain goat, an easy prey for the killers! Thank you for your participation and of course our sponsor. See you next year when the combat diehards meet again!

For detailed score sheet, please check out the score sheet.
HKRCSS also organized a BBQ get together night after the contest. The venue is Flower BBQ ground in Tai Po Tsai in Sai Kung. Over 35 fellow r/c pilots together with their families, most of them are children, attended this wonderful event. The kids were as happier as their parents because they were given each a toy gun for their own style of gunship combat!  Good food and friendly discussion marked the enjoyable faces of our fellow pilots after a day of intensive killing, cheers!

The "killers" are waiting for their preys

The killer's family is here! "Relax, we won't hurt you!" so to speak

"Hi, guys, do you want to be the killers' dim sum?"

Let's have a photo before the combat, cheers!

Who will be the owners of these beautiful trophies?

It is a combat event, how come Big Glider Sang is flying his big scale glider here? Will you join the contest?

No wind after all! Now show time, Ah So is a lone flyer, electric?

Double 2nd runner up; Fat Cat and Uncle Chan

Lee Man is a renown killer but he still doesn't have a glimpse of being a Champion, only up to the second positions - three times

The deadly champion killer is Ken28, well done!

Oh! Ah Kuen is a mountain goat and an easy prey for the killers, so he got a booby prize

Congratulation to the winners. Well done! Those serious killers of course deserve to keep their trophies and prizes! Thanks also to the sponsor Lou Tsz Ming of Windrider who stood in the back

A group photo after the combat, cheers and see you in the next combat contest!

After a day of intensive killing, now is the most enjoyable time for the killers to be friends again in this wonderful setting for enjoying good BBQ food!.

Delicious BBQ food! Y.C., what are you looking for? Mrs. Mak will give you some recommendations

Family time! Uncle Chan doesn't look like a serious killer after all!

Eric and Ah Kong have similar look. "Are you disappointed that you can't get the killer king title today?"

Wow! Mr. and Mrs. Mak really enjoy a romantic BBQ session themselves with no other killers nearby

Law Wah and his friends can be serious killers too if they wish to! Because they have a very light thermal Bee that was still soaring high when all others were down.

Cheers, this is the most enjoyable time after a day of hard work