The Hong Kong Radio Control Soaring Society

China Sichuen Earthquake Donation Sales
May 15-23, 2008

The 8.0 earthquake in Sichuen Province, China have claimed more than eighty thousand lives and made million people homeless, among them many are children. They urgently need help for food and shelters, and most importantly aids to rebuild their homeland.


HKRCSS has organized a donation sale a week after the disaster happened on 12 May 2008. There were over 60 items donated by many r/c pilots, please see the detailed donation record. The auction hit the peak at the last moment of auction period. Finally, we were able to generate a sum of HK$40,840 of donation money. A cheque  in the name of Hong Kong Radio Control Soaring Society was then issued to Hong Kong Red Cross China Sichuen Earthquake Relief Fund on 28 May 2008.


HKRCSS wishfully thanks the donors and bidders for their generosity. We believe the money can be put into right use to save more lives and enable some of the victims to rebuild their home.

We are proud of being one who are able to help.

We will post a formal receipt once we have received it from Red Cross.