Annual General Meeting and Grand Dinner, 2009
24 January 2010

The Annual General Meeting of The Hong Kong Radio Control Soaring Society for the year 2009 was held in Lucky Dragon restaurant in Clearwater Bay road on Sunday, 24 January 2010. About 35 members and guests attended the AGM.  The meeting was started at 7:45pm with the Chairman first presenting his annual report, followed by the Treasurer's financial report. The current team of office bearers was re-elected to serve the club for the year 2010. The AGM dinner was started after the meeting.  In this annual re-union of r/c soarers, we enjoyed good food under a friendly environment. This year entertainment included a free-fall paper spinner game. Members had to make paper spinners such that the speed the spinner fall is as slow as possible. Of course we had plenty of sponsored prizes for the lucky draw as well. There were so many prizes including duct fan warbirds, EPP Fox, BD5, Beevolution. This year  we also organized a special donation biding to support  earthquake victims in Haiti.  There were a few donation items including a DLG from Ah Kin, many EPP models from Tsz Ming. Together with the effort we spent in the donation sale a day before in the forum, we were really happy to be able to collect a large sum of donation money which we believe can save many lives in Haiti, thank you!  We were also glad to see that there were some new faces in the r/c soaring arena who also attended the AGM. The club also presented the trophies to the winners of the 2009 Hong Kong F3F league. We are all happy guys, absolutely, and we should be proud of what we achieved, cheers!

HKRCSS wishes to thank the sponsors for donating the prizes for this event. The sponsors are: Windrider Aviation Ltd., Smart Models, Radar Company and many others.

The office bearers were preparing to start the meeting

Law Wah (left) is always supporting our club despite of his painful suffering after the helicopter accident two years ago

Tsz Ming was helping the donation bid for a DLG donated by Ah Kin

Game time! What were they playing?

Wow! It's a paper spinner game, throw it as high as possible

Competitors have to make their own spinner and the one has the slowest fall will win

Exciting contest, but their throw were not started at the same time, so it was unfair

Any idea to synchronize the throw?

OK, let's do it that way, used a box as a platform to kick start the fall at the same time

Eric was the winner of this game and got a Fox

followed by C.M. who got a  model donated by Radar. He later donated the prize to Haiti donation biding, thank you!

Ah Kin also got a prize for the game

Lucky draw time, Stanley drew a small model plane

Donny's daughter got a model plane presented to her by Law Wah

小廣嫂 also got a prize

Tsz Ming drew a classic model plane

Eric the lucky guy got another prize. Certainly, this will  take up most of his time to build it!

小廣博士 drew an Old Bee

Ah Kuen  was another lucky guy who drew a Beevolution

Alan also  got a Bevolution

F3F league award presentation time! The 2nd runner-up  award goes to Angus...oh, no not him! Donny said he will win the award himself next year!

The league 1st runner-up award goes to Ah Mak

Stanley got the league champion award

He also got the speedy man award presented to him by his wife

Y.C. bid a brand new MiniNYX from Haiti donation sale and then donate to HKRCSS as a prize for the AGM event. Now another game to determine the prize winner, a paper wing throwing game

Third Brother had a good throw but it was outside the target box

Looked good for Ah Kin, but out!

Ken28 showed off a good pose, but out!

Wow! AC Wai did it, his throw was accurate

Looked good for 小廣博士, but out!

Well done, Black Boy's daughter, only you can challenge AC Wai

Congratulation to AC Wai, he finally won the prize, cheer!