Annual General Meeting and Grand Dinner, 2007
19 January 2008

The Annual General Meeting of The Hong Kong Radio Control Soaring Society for the year 2007 was held in Lucky Dragon restaurant in Clearwater Bay road on Saturday, 19 January 2008. About 45 members and guests attended the AGM.  The meeting was started at 7:40pm with the Chairman first presenting his annual report, followed by the Treasurer's financial report. The current team of office bearers was re-elected to serve the club for the year 2008. The AGM dinner was started after the meeting.  In this annual re-union of r/c soarers, we enjoyed good food under a friendly environment. This year entertainment included a flying chess game and lucky draws. There were so many prizes including model warbirds, EPP Fox, and T-shirts. We are glad to see that there are some new faces in the r/c soaring arena. The club also presented the trophies to the winners of the first Hong Kong F3F league for the year 2007. We are all happy guys, right!

HKRCSS wishes to thank the sponsors for donating the prizes for this event. The sponsors are: Windrider Aviation Ltd., Smart Models, and Windfeel Models.

Hi guys, glad to see you all here!

Any interesting topics to discuss about tonight?

The ladies are helping on the money matters

Ah So and his new student flyer, Kevin

Are you guys discussing some combat rules?

Why are Tsz Ming and Eddie discussing secretly? Are there new products coming out soon?

Don't drink too much, Y.C.. Why is C.M. staring at your glass?

Stephen, glad to see you here again in this annual glider friends reunion

Mak and Mrs Mak are always be seen on the slopes and this dinner too

Enjoy the food tonight, cheers!

Ah Chung, long time no see!

Allan, Ah Cho and Albert - happy guys!

Ken28 is so happy because he won many competitions this year

Ah Lok and Nelson, cheer up!

Ricky, Ah Man, Black Boy and Billy. What are in your mind, guys?

This year we have a game on flying chess

Third brother is very interested in this game

A few lucky guys are taking part in the contest

Ah So is explaining the prize for this contest

The first winner is Miss Lam, our new member

"Oh! no another Bee again", said Third Brother

Master Leung is a lucky guy helping other to throw the right draw

Lee Man is always the luckiest chap. He got many big prizes from lucky draw in previous years, and this year also

Time to present the trophy for the 2007 HK F3F league. The 2nd runner-up prize goes to Ah Kin

Stanley got the 1st runner-up

The champion is Ah Mak who won by a big margin

Stanley also got the best time award with a 46s run, just lucky to have a good wind at the right time, cheer!

We also say, "woman is behind a man's success". Mrs. Mak, you certainly deserve it!