Annual General Meeting and Grand Dinner, 2005
22 January 2006

The Annual General Meeting of The Hong Kong Radio Control Soaring Society for the year 2005 was held in Lucky Dragon Chinese Restaurant in Choi Wan Est., Clearwater Bay Road, Kowloon on Sunday, 22 January 2005.  There were 26 members and 12 non-members attending the AGM.  The meeting was started at 7:50pm with the Chairman first presenting his annual report, followed by the Treasurer's financial report. The current team of office bearers was re-elected to serve the club for the year 2006. The AGM dinner was started after the meeting.  Good food, friendly environment, and entertainment including games and lucky draws made this wonderful evening very enjoyable - this is surely a night of soarer reunion! The game for this year is "shoot the airplane" contest. The lucky guys were asked to shoot an airplane launched by our fellow officer with a BB gun. Each contestant has a total of 3 shots, if he/she can accurately shoot the plane on fly, they get a prize. HKRCSS wishes to thank the sponsors for donating a total of more than 30 prizes for this event, almost every body joining the meeting has a prize. The sponsors are: Windrider Aviation Ltd., Wind Feel R/C Model, Waigo Model, Stanley Chan and Ken Ma. Cheers!

The meeting is started and the Chairman is presenting his report. Hey, Master Leung please listen

Enjoy your food night!

Hey, guys, what are you talking about tonight?

Game time! What fun we are going to have tonight?

Are you guys ready? Master Leung what are you looking for?

The game is to launch a foam glider? Is it a duration contest?

No! It is a shooting game, Fat Fai, you need to shoot the plane down

Well done after three shots! Ok, get a prize sponsored by Waigo Model

Ah Wai, you loose the target!

Finally Ok, get a prize:  flying boat sponsored by Eddy

Wow! Chester you won't miss it

Well done! Get a prize

Hendry, where is the target?

Get a E-BEE. Wow! We are targeted!

Ah Chung is shooting, the bullet just came out!

Allan has a good shooting style, but missed the target!

Ah Pong said "Shooting, easy for me"!

Oh, miss it! - "I have no face to see you guys!"

Ok, don't cry, get a "fly boat" kit

Master Leung, you are targeted!

Philips said "take is easy. Shooting, no challenge at all for me"

Ah Mak, you missed the target again!

Accurate and well done

Ah Lui, well, you just missed it!

Stanley is right on target

Wow! we have a woman gunner and surprisingly accurate!

Women are certainly better in shooting the airplane - how come?

Polly was right on the target - Billy, please take care!

The first winner for the lucky draw is Y.C. with a E-Bee. "Oh! I hate foamy" said Y.C.

Hendry got a Mini E-Bee

Little Tai got a Mini E-Bee too!

Our guest, Mr. Lo, got a Bat

Master Leung got a Electric Plane sponsored by Wind Feel R/C Model

Wow! Ah So, how lucky you are - got a E-plane sponsored by Waigo Model

Chester got a Tiger Moth

Lee Man got a MiniNYX. He promised to join the 60" F3F with this plane, see you there!

Allan got a big white box! What is it? Ok, it is a prototype version of the big Airliner 380 recently developed by Windridder

Pauline is so fashionable to receive a jacket

Mr. Tai also got a jacket

Billy got a jacket too

Mrs. So is happy to have a jacket

Philip got a jacket too

Oh! Our guest Mr. Lo got only a BB gun

Mrs. Tai got a T-shirt

Jimmy thank for your support. Hope you like this T-shirt

Ah Fu, sorry you only got a paper gilder

Kin's wife got a toy for her baby,.good!

All lucky guys have a group photo, see you next year!