Annual General Meeting and Grand Dinner, 2003
11 January 2004

The 2003 Annual General Meeting of The Hong Kong Radio Control Soaring Society was held in Lucky Dragon Chinese Restaurant in Choi Wan Est, Clearwater Bay Road, Kowloon on  Sunday, 11 January 2004.  There were 41 members and 12 non-members attending the AGM.  The meeting was started at 7:30pm with the Chairman first presenting his annual report, followed by the Treasurer's financial report. The current team of office bearers was re-elected for the year 2004 in the AGM. The AGM dinner was started after the meeting.  Good food, friendly environment, and entertainment including games and lucky draws made this wonderful evening very enjoyable. The game that requires members to make their own paper gliders and land them on the targeted spot is the most enjoyable! HKRCSS wishes to thank the sponsors for this event, namely;  Radar Co. Ltd, Windrider Aviation Ltd., Waigo Model, AMD, Stanley Chan, Y.C. Lui and Cheung Kam Lam. Cheers!

Ready to start the meeting

Friendly discussions before the meeting

We are in the business

Guys, thank you for your patient

These three reds guys and why are you so happy

Take it easy! There are plenty of food

Gentlemen, we have a friendly discussion

We are all full except ..... Master Leung! You're still eating?

Hi, what are you planning for the game?

Wow! A paper glider and a landing spot!

Hi Ah Shing, what sort of paper glider you are making?

Look funny - it has a positive or negative dihedral!

Hi guys, are you ready for the launch?

Wow! Ah Pong what's a good show! But you have yet to win a real r/c model glider spot landing competition

Another team is ready to go

Well, we have a close race! Let's measure it

The third team is ready to go

The forth team gets ready

The final race from the top pilots

The winner of the paper glider race is Fat Fai - unbelievable! He won so many contests already this year!

The second place is Ah Tong, well done!

The finalists also got a small prize

Master Leung are you not satisfied with the race result?

The lucky draw ties the seven lucky guys together - no! look carefully there should be eight

The seventh prize goes to Ah Chung (right).
Ah Chung finally got a foamy!

The sixth prize goes to Black Boy (right).
What is it inside? go fly thermal then..

The fifth prize goes to Danny (right)
A Stuntman for Danny!

The forth prize goes to Eric (right).
Oh! Eric you will be very busy the next few weeks!

The third prize goes to Ah So (right).
This is a good reward for designing the innovative paper glider game - well done!

The second prize goes to Mok Ping (right).
Wow! Ah Mok is sure a lucky guy as he got a big prize in each year AGM.

Believe it or not, the grand prize goes to Fat Fai's family. The good luck generated from being the father of a new born baby is invincible. Well done! Fellow pilots you have a year to think about producing a new born baby for next year AGM!

Congratulation to the seven lucky guys. Cheers!